Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is the First Day of My Life

Hi. My name's Desire or Desiree or even D-Ray, call me whatever your heart desires.

This blog is kind of a reserection of my last blog on here. But it will be a little different from my first one because this one will be more...well, ME. So expect weird, random, funny, sweet, and super obsessed with infinity signs, fashion, and thrifting/DIY. On this blog I want to tell stories, stories about my days and what goes on...after all, high school is a weird time, perhaps the weirdest time in a person's whole life. And I will do just that...tell my stories, except I will change all (well most) of the names, just for privacy issues, and (hopefully) make you laugh, smile, and maybe even cry. But in addition to these stories, I want to include pictures, pictures of maybe what I wore that day, or what projects I want to make soon and all my inspirations, or pictures of the events that went on. So this, hopefully, will turn out to be a blog where someone can go and read random, crazy stories about the life of a high school senior but also a place where people can be the fashion, by music I may post, or even by the stories. I just want to make someone feel like they can turn to this blog when they're sad, happy, annoyed, etc. or just, for lack of  a better word, uninspired.

But here's a little bit about myself...I'm Desire, a 17 year old high school senior, just looking for my path in life. Going off to college in a year with hopes and dreams of attending San Diego State University and also no idea of what I would study. Normally, I should be freaking out, right? But I'm not. I'm looking forward to just going with the flow because I'm the type of person who just wants to try out every little thing, every little project, sport, or food, just to say I tried it. I also know that eventually I will find my path and I will end up where I'm supposed to end up. But for now, I will be the girl who stresses about homework, clothes, and boys. I will also be the girl whose obsessions include, but are not limited to: concerts/music, The OC and Glee, the ocean, high waisted shorts with sleeveless button-ups, and pizza. There's only so much you can do at any given moment, and I'm starting to learn that what you do in that moment does have it's benefits (and its consequences) but those benefits can become huge advantages to our what I'm trying to do is, live my life, thinking about the future, but living in the present and making every little thing that I do be something that benefits me, my life, and my future...otherwise, I'd be wandering around aimlessly, focusing on things that don't matter, things that won't ever matter. So fuck the hair that won't go down, fuck the boy that doesn't feel the same, and fuck feeling that you've lost control...because the only person in control, is you.

Be infinite.

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