Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made

So it's official...I am going to New York in less than two months! So unreal, I have never been and never really imagined myself going but here I am! I'm so excited to see everything I've only ever heard about...and also the fashion will be amazing. I'll get to take risks I never would have never tried in Arizona, because well, Arizona is just too casual and too hot for New York's high fashion! New York is supposed to be like 30-40 degrees when I go...Those temperatures aren't even possible in Arizona, so it'll be interesting wearing so much clothing... But I've found some inspiration off style are as followed!

Cutest or minus a few minor things. Like add corduroy and burgundy pants, but everything else is adorable!

Other news! Not many more weird and awkwardly funny stories, sadly. Football season started last night, and our theme was Where's Waldo? and I didn't take any pictures which I'm kind of regretting now, but next time!

That's pretty much all for this week :/ I'll update soon though, big things are happening!

Be infinite.

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