Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday Night Lights... Rival Style

So since I last wrote, there has been a few major changes to my life.
First off, school and social lives are picking up the pace and becoming more exciting. Football games, Homecoming, parties, awards, etc. Last night was what they call, The Tukee Bowl, in my town. This game is basically the two biggest rivals battling against each other for the school has won the past 2 years so we're uh...pretty cocky! Theme is black out, as always, and we are going to KILL. So bad ass. BUT because it's the weekend of 9/11 (God Bless America), our administration is making us incorporate red, white, and blue into our theme. So I'm feeling the tied at the waist black tank top with high waisted american flag shorts look. For example, these bad boys from Topshop...but dyed black...?
So yeah! The game was last night and my team lost but it was probably the most fun I've had at a football game so far... Pictures coming soon!

Besides all that, I don't have very many stories...minus the sporadic high school drama story, but you guys probably know enough about that without hearing it from me.

I am moving though! Which means new decorating opportunities... :D Literally my favorite thing next to dealing with anything fashion. I'm going to finally be able to get my clothing rack!! I'm not sure what else to do with it, I'll probably keep the same decor I have right now because why change it all when I'm moving in a year anyway?!
Some ideas I found though:
okay maybe not the actual hanging bed from Anthropologie, but the lamp and the simplicity of the room with one major focus point, love it.
I will definitely be doing something like this...I love the idea of displaying my clothes, they are a form of art after all.
Even though this is a guy's closet, I'm obsessed. Everything about this...the clothing rack, the shirts, the shelves, the brick wall, the lighting....amazing.
I just love all these patterns.

Ooooo AND it's Homecoming next week...theme is 50's but I'm thinking Old Hollywood Glamorous...with the form fitting black dress and red lipstick. Or hell! If I really feel like going all out, a form fitting red dress... I am not really the red dress type of girl but I think I'm feeling that look right now. But I'm not quite sure yet...We'll see! :)

Be infinite.

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