Saturday, September 10, 2011

"This is Twice Now"

I’m five weeks into my last year of high school and I can already tell that this is going to be the most interesting year I’ve ever had. We’ll start from the beginning… or maybe before the beginning… So starting at the end of last school year, I developed a minor major crush on this guy at my school. I’ll call him…Tad (remember that name, it might come up…all the time…). So at the end of junior year I had a dream, a dream that Tad was in my English class and we became friends, fell in love, dated…blah, blah, blah (just think every plot line of every cheesy romantic comedy you’ve ever seen). Then fast forward to my first day of senior year… I’m walking up to the door of my 1st hour English class and imagine, just imagine, my surprise, my heart attack when Tad walks into the same exact class…No joke. Three days later, I open my math book for the first time at lunch while gushing about crushing on Tad again to my friend, whom I’ll call Aria, and what do I see popping out the side of my book? A DVD. I bet you’re thinking, “WTF, why does this chick freak out about everything.” Wait for it. I flip over the DVD…and it’s one of my absolute favorite movies…He’s Just Not That Into You…keep in mind, I never opened this math book until that moment. I proceed to freak out and convince myself I’m being tricked or messed with, but no! I mean, what are the chances of all that?! Is it going to be like the title of the movie where he’s really just not into me?! Or is it like in the movie plot line (and my dream) where we become friends but then it escalades?! It was a very freaky, psychological thriller-esque moment. But so far, it’s too early to tell what’s going on, but be sure that I will keep you posted on Tad…don’t worry.

In other news! Outside of school, life is starting to get even more exciting. Shows/concerts, football games, my own store (, a New York trip and well…a lot more but you’ll just have to wait for all that. Saturday I went to multiple concerts…Cody Simpson (yes, I may tell people I went with my brother and sister because THEY like him…but really, who, at any age, could resist a sexy, blonde, Australian boy whose accent resembles that of a God?) played a free show at a mall in my town so I got to see him for the first time, then I went to an Anarbor/Lydia/The Season Premier/Western Medicine/and Reece show later that night. I can honestly say that I fell in love that night. If anybody hasn’t heard Lydia (with Mindy, without Mindy, I don’t really care), you are missing out on one of the most amazing, talented, genuine bands out there. The lead singer, Leighton, played acoustically and his voice is just incredible, it all comes so unbelievably natural to him. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and go listen to them, go buy their album, whatever you have to do…you’ll thank me. The other bands were pretty amazing too. My friend, I’ll call Hales, and I talked to a few, especially this bassist who looked exactly like Patrick from The Black Keys (therefore I’ll just call him Patrick). Well anyway, awkward story time! When Hales and I walked into the venue, this guy I did not know, who I’ll call Obee, came up to me, grabbed my arms and was about to pull me in for a hug but stopped and just stared at me. While I’m thinking, “Who the fuck is this guy? Yeah, he’s hot but who is he?!” he’s saying, “Oh shit, you’re not her. I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else. Shit.” Then Obee proceeded to legitimately run away. Awkward yet hysterical and it has surprisingly never happened before! First time for everything though, right?

So those are my weird stories of the week, more to come soon, or at least I’m hoping there are… I’m starting to realize that life will be way more fun with these awkward and once in a lifetime encounters. Does that mean that I’m going to start putting myself in awkward situations? Probably not. But I am willing to take a few more chances. Chances like talking to cute guy in the grocery store or at the show. Chances like wearing that bold outfit that you love but never thought you could pull off. Chances like belting out and dancing to your favorite song, not giving a shit what people think. Taking chances and having the courage to go out there and do everything I love, having the courage to grow.

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